Wild Dog, a hobby humanoid robot

What's "Hobby humanoid robot?"

Hobby humanoid robots are small humanoid robots designed for hobby use. They are distinguished from more sophisticated robots that are invented for industrial/commercial use, such as ASIMO, QRIO, HRP-2 or so on. Hobby humanoid robots have only poorer actuators and sensors than industrial robots, but are much cheaper. Although the control program is also very simple, you can make them perform various actions by giving a few pose data.

Nowadays, this kind of robot is becoming more and more popular and several competition events are held in Japan.


[a photo of robot]

Specifications (on Apr.2007)
Weight 1.0kg
Height 30cm
Width about 20cm
Depth/Thickness(front-to-rear) about 11cm (including cushions)
DoF 18(legs 5x2, arms 3x2, head 1 and chest 1)
Operation Wireless controller for PlayStation2 (HORI)
Power source 7.4V 1000mAh Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
Legs, arms, head and chest GWS Micro/2BBMG

Wild Dog is a hobby humanoid robot. It is even smaller and lighter than conventional hobby humanoid robots such as KHR-1, ROBONOVA or RB2000.

Movie clips

Apr. 2007--

Hook Punch(3GPP2)
The first motion which utilized the chest yaw axis.

--Mar. 2007

Getting up from lieing-back posture(3GPP2)
Getting up from prostrated posture(3GPP2)
Rising is one of the most basic actions for hobby humanoid robots. I suppose that most robot creators program this action first rather than walking.
Rolling kick, gets down 2L water PET bottle(Windows Media Video, 211KB)
The most powerful attack for "robot fight", boxing-like competition with hobby humanoid robots.
Fast walk(3GPP2)
The first version walk. Unlike other motions, this movement is cotrolled with a special program.
Soccer goal keeping(3GPP2)
For Robo-Pro soccer.
2007 Mar. Walking forward, back and sidestep with on-line IK calculation(3GPP2)
Inverse Kinematics, calculation of desired angles of each joint, enables more efficient and elegant walk.